Logan's current mouse?

Hi. I recently watched Logan's current PC build video. This doesn't have anything to do with the video itself but I want to know the name of the mouse he's using in the video. Any reply would be great, thanks.

That's the Roccat Tyon.

thanks a ton!

I've been using a secret mouse... and also the Zowie EC-1 eVo.

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I'm still using an old school Logitech G5 limited edition from 2005. It still works flawlessly although its no longer orange and silver lol. I have a Razer Ouroborous which I like but the Razer synapse software is utter garbage. When the mouse wakes from sleep the vertical and horizontal DPI are completely different.

The Zowie mouse @Logan mentioned doesn't look to bad actually but I'm still leaning towards getting another Logitech mouse when/if this one finally breaks.