Logan: Your desk?

Logan (or any of the team that could answer this),

Where did you get your desk? Did you build it yourself? Do you know where I can get that type of wood for the desk?

I am in the planning stages of a new build and want to incorporate a desk similar to the one you sit at during your videos.

Much appreciated,


If you mean the studio desk i'm guessing that was a custom build.

as my next desk will be (no one sells one that suits my needs anymore and what is available is junk).


I assumed it was custom. My main concern is where he got the wood (if he built it).

well their are usually only 3 ways to get wood for a project.

Cut it Yourself, Hire someone to Cut it for you, or buy it.

Lumber Yard, Home Depot, Lowes... They all have wood for building stuff.

I'm quite certain it is custom, a few teks ago he spoke of building something, I think it was the shelves. I assume he had the desk made around the same time?

Outside of a lumber yard, I can't think of anywhere to buy unfinished, or partly finished, wood like we see on Logan's desk. But, it appears his is stained and sealed. Just wanting to know the details.