[Logan] what is your opinion on brand name / gaming systems?

Hey Logan, I want my horse...

Also, I've been looking around at some different laptops because the portability works better for me at the moment. My question is a bit more general than specifically laptops but what are your thoughts on Razer, Alienware, and even MacBook Pro's? As much as I dislike Mac, the MacBook Pro's have a very nice aesthetic and they can run games if you get the i7 and Nvidia card. As far as a laptop, they seem pretty rugged.

http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-systems/razer-blade This laptop seems to have a good amount of power plus it runs solid state. Not sure on the price but with a 4th Gen i7 and a 765M it seems as though it might be fair.

TL;DR Are laptops like the RazerBlade good laptops (worrying about heat here) or are you better off getting a smaller i5 / i3 laptop and waiting to build a tower? Am I going to lose a lot of money on a name and have to use my laptop as a hot plate or an my - anium coaster?


I've always had a dislike for most gaming laptops. The new razer blade has one of the worst TN panels I've ever seen, but with fairly good performance. With gaming laptops you don't get much bang for your buck, therefore I prefer to build my own desktop. In regards to alienware STAY AWAY, your paying for the name not the product. I'll stay away from the mac subject, since I've never owned one. I would get a smaller laptop and save up for a Kick-Ass gaming desktop.

They are fine as products, but they are so ridiculously overpriced. You have to pay a ridiculous amount of money ($2500+) to start getting a gaming laptop that is actually able to push out some good frame rates at good resolutions and settings. You can get the same with a desktop however for around the $1000 mark.

I know its a really shitty answer, but your best bet is to have a cheap laptop for work or whatever and the have a gaming desktop at home. It will save you money and give you a better gaming experience.