Logan & Wendell

Is timing or frequency more important? I have been playing around with my RAM clock and have noticed to boost Mhz I have to compromise timing and vice versa. How does each influence the performance and which do you find to be more important in your personal machine?

Cheers from Texas!

Straight up gaming - frequency But even then between 1600 and 2133 you'll see <5% difference in fps Unless you're using an APU, inthat case it matter greatly.

rendering - Timings over frequency


I know this will sound like a shitty answer but its really about a balance. Basically you want the highest frequency you can get with the lowest latency. Faster frequency will mean higher CAS latency but its fine up to a point.

As a general rule, try get frequency over 2000MHz and keep the CAS latency under 10. Or at 1600Mhz, the latency should be below about 7. But generally higher frequency gives more of an advantage.