Logan & Wendell Interview

Logan & Wendell

Dear Logan & Wendell 

What would it take me to get a group interview with You and "The man behind the camera"?

I have been a fan for a while now and this interview is solely what you do "Beyond The Camera" (The name of the show i am planning on doing and you will be the first on it!).

Which means(if you have not already guessed) that we will be talking about what you do behind the scenes and outside of youtube getting a good insight to the daily life of Logan & Wendell.

Also people who are not Logan Or Wendell ( Check for awesome facial hair or organs replaced with computer parts to be sure) if you like this idea and want to see the lives of Logan & Wendell, please give your seal of approval.


Thanks for your time

Luke wells, Scotland

P.s The Scottish accent in Inbox: 33 was bad... like you were a hybrid of Irish,Scottish and Welsh for a brief second. I feel offended :)

I would love to see this - you have my support.

This sounds awesome +1


Yes this needs to happen. i fully support the idea. +1

Sounds good to me. +1