Logan, want to audition some headphones?

If you are willing to pay shipping both ways, I would be willing to send you a pair of headphones to audition. I would be willing to send you either my HP100 or my Q701 (I like them both a lot, but need at least one on hand for myself). Considering that you have the DT770, I think that the HP100 would be the more interesting one for you. I've heard you say some not-so-nice things about closed headphones in the past, but I think that the HP100 might change your mind a bit (the Alpha Dogs or the Alpha Prime from Mr. Speakers would definitely change your mind, but I can't get my hands on those). Let me know if you are interested. Honestly, I want to hear what you have to say about them.

I am interested to know if anyone else here would like to hear what Logan would have to say about either of these. Maybe some people around here would like more audio videos.

I don't think that this needs to be done. those headphones aren't that expensive.  and at least with the akg's I think he has probably used a pair of them already since I belive he has commented on them in the past. 

The audio videos are nice though, can't complain there. but then again there are already plenty of other sources for audio gear reviews/write-ups that I can't help but think TS time would be best spent elsewhere.

I mainly meant that he seems very interested in headphone gear in general, so I thought that he might want to do something like this. I don't recall him ever mentioning having used the Q701, though it is possible that he mentioned them based on reviews and the like. Personally, I have a good idea of how a lot of different headphones sound (or their general sound signature at least) without having listened to them myself based off of reading reviews (and man have I read a lot of reviews over the years). I really think that the HP100 is underrated/under-reviewed which is part of why I would like for this to happen. I think they need more exposure, and I think that Logan would be pleasantly surprised by their performance.