Logan + SSD = My Question

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Unless i have overlooked an older tek syndicate video, i would like to request a video on how to set-up an SSD.

I will be building my first pc this fall and will be equipping it with a Samsung 840 EVO 120. i want to set it up in Windows as best/efficient as possible. 

Thanks in advance.

Just make sure your SSD is set to AHCI in the bios/uefi before you install windows on it and you should be good. Other than that it is just like a regular HDD.

I guess I should also note that you should not keep media such as pictures, music, or movies on your SSD. These things take up a lot of precious space and receive no benefit from the extra speed. 

A typical SSD setup should be just like any other hard drive setup.  However, I have found a surprising amount of newbies who have trouble installing windows...

ill be using my financial aid to build my pc, so i am on a budget. i won't be buying a storage HDD or GPU till possibly Feb at the latest. so other than LoL, i won't be putting anything extra on it till i buy a WD black 1TB.

oh wow. lol. i know how to install windows (hell, ive helped people do it over the phone :P) and i know to set it to AHCI. However, i don't know how to enable TRIM or optimizing windows to get the best performance and minimize writes.

i have seen some videos with a couple tips here, and a couple tips there. but nothing comprehensive, or modern. all these videos are like 2+ years old. just wondering if anything has changed in regards to optimizing and TRIM etc.

and by optimizing, i mean like changing settings in windows so it doesn't write unnecessary stuff to the SSD.

Since Windows 7 trim is something that activates automatically because the OS reconizes the drive as an SSD.

I use these guides everytime i setup a computer

http://www.overclock.net/t/1156654/seans-windows-7-install-optimization-guide-for-ssds-hdds (Windows 7)

http://www.overclock.net/t/1240779/seans-windows-8-install-optimization-guide-for-ssds-hdds (Windows 8)

Ah, I too disable pagefile (with 12gb of ram, but you're scaring me now :/ lol) and I also use my ram as cache so I should probably add a pagefile, right?

Thanks a bunch guys! this info is greatly appreciated. i hope to put this to use by november.

i will not have enough to build my FULL pc till probably feb, so i am just going to put off getting a GPU/HDD/mechanical keyboard till then. so i will be using Intel 4600 integrated graphics till feb. 

activate trim

stop defragmentation (windows 7 does it every week which is really bad)

set your swap on a different drive

set your tmp/temp on a different drive

set your download folder on a different drive (change the path in your browser)

that's what i do.

oh, i always set my download to "choose". lol it feels so weird to use others peoples computers who have their downloads automatically start and be sent to one folder. it's like.... you will have to (or SHOULD) move it anyways lol

huh.. i did not know win7 does scheduled defrags. windows 9 should have an SSD feature where you can optimize everything in one location. i mean, pretty soon, most new consumer PCs will come with SSDs standard. especially laptops.