@Logan, Please try and review Bitwig studio for Linux and Windows

@Logan Please download the Bitwig Studio demo for Linux and or Windows, try it out as a replacement for FL Studio and review it. It looks and seems like a very good audio studio that could make your transition to Linux much easier.


Bitwig supports VSTs.

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Oh man this looks cool. Gonna check it out myself.

They also state that they recommend using JACK audio for the sound routing/processing. You can tie Bitwig to Ardour DAW via JACK as well as a bunch of other tools for effects and sequencing etc all via JACK.

Stallman does not approve


But this does seem like a pretty comprehensive music editor. Would like to see a review in the future.

I don't know many people who actually give a rat's gluteus maximus about what RMS thinks in terms of one program over another. Especially in the case of paid software.

I used the demo. Very good. Have only tried it on windows so far. Very similar to Ableton.

give it a shot on Linux. Especially when you pair it with JACK audio server.

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