Logan or Wendell, a slim MSE alternative?

As we all know, MSE has been going down with really bad test results, and I've finally decided that I really should find an alternative. This really saddens me because my #1 draw for MSE was the really slim footprint. It had a scanner and a real-time protection service that could be turned off with no hassle and that was it really.

So, I want an antivirus that is just as slim as MSE, but also actually protects. I do not need it to scan my e-mails, I do not need it to protect my network, and I do not need it to monitor my fapping sessions or write shopping lists.

Must-have Requirements:
- It scans for bad stuff and false positives

Most of the anti viruses I stumble upon these days are quite literally bloated monsters. I was a heavy AVG user back in 2006 or so and by the time MSE was released, AVG had become a bloated monster.

Since the release of MSE, I haven't really been keeping up with the market. I have lately tried a couple of programs like Avast, AVG and Ad-Aware and they do apparently protect just fine, but they're just too bloated.

can try clam av.

My impressions from screenshots and descriptions is that it actually looks good, exactly what I'm looking for. I will give it a go.

just don't turn on the option to scan for potentially unwanted applications.
It'll spit back parts of programs that as a whole are good but could allow exploits. 

Will do, I will probably turn off everything except the scanner, regardless. I won't even run the program in the background.

I'm going to try this out too, I didn't know it was available for Windows and everything else feels bloated on my machine these days.