Logan Likes Male Skyrim Mod..lol

Soooo I was watching the EVGA GTX 680 4GB video review and during this video (at 2:44) I randomly saw this and loled hard


logan? xD

My rule is that if I install the nude female mod I HAVE to install the male nude mod... It's all about realism... It was weird... steal a robe from a female and she is nude... steal a robe from male and he is wearing a loin cloth... seems odd. Maybe I've been reading too much George R. R. Martin... It's funny, it was really difficult to find a male nude mod... there are pages of female nude mods. 

I'm with logan on this, I see no reason to have one without the other.

Well, he also has "Killable children" on that list and I don't think he really wants to kill children in real life so I don't think the nude males has any significant correlation to anything in real life. But I wouldn't really care either way, I'm not here to judge people.

Edit, I see your post now. That makes sense.

Haha, I have both, too. :D

lol... RH00D is right. I am all for realism and I have never killed a child in the game... however, if one ends up in a combat situation, gets hit by a sword, and turns "unconscious"... the realism is gone for me. 

Isn't it great having everything you make looked at with a fine tooth comb Logan. I spose i wouldn't mind it so much, more the assuming more so.

Oh, I knew what I was getting myself into when I put my mod list online, lol. 

Indeed, I also liked the review thanks for that.

logan can you please post links to all mods maybe

This takes me back to my big beef with Fallout3,  I once Fired the MIRV in Little lamplight knowing full well none of those kids would be hurt.  Just to see the pretty lights.   I got shot by a bunch of kids who were angry with me for shooting at them.  Which really meant, the ONLY way to complete that quest was to talk your way through it.  In the original Fallout, if you accidentally killed a child or if you decide that slaughtering kids is a good idea. You would get a "child slayer" perk which would cause every gun toting wastlander to open fire as soon as you entered a zone.  Distance didn't matter, EVERYONE was out to get you.  It basically made the game impossible to play...   

I did something similar when I did my playthrough of FO3 and NV, I couldn't stand that they made an ethical sales choice and made children immortal, fuck that noise, it's what Logan said, maybe I'm testing my new fangled laser gun, and a child just so happens to cross a line of fire, totally not my fault.  I need to play Skyrim again, though I wish I could run HD textures.

Lol understood, but I still found it slightly funny xD

Oh dear, a male nudity mod. Therefore, you must be a homosexual good sir, Logan. 

I HIGHLY doubt that xD I don't know of any other users on this site that are homosexual besides myself :P

So, I have to ask, do certain races in the game have larger genetalia than others?


lol... I'm a dark elf... and I just sold some armor... forgot that I sold the armor that I was wearing... got in a massive fight with 15 orcs... died... then noticed I was totally naked the entire time I was fighting them. wtf. 

Orc's where probably like "What the fuuuu- o.O"

Please list your current mods Logan.