LOGAN - If you make a new updated mouse

If you make a new mouse, please please please make it ambidextrous. If it cant be used left and right handed easily then I wont even look at it.

they said in the announcement video that they would make another one with input from the community so they'll probably make a thread for suggestions about the next mouse when they get ready to design a new one

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Yea, I was just watching the video, which is why I wanted to come in here and suggest something for the updated design...

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well in the latest episode of the tek he said if we want a new one the'll make a new one with some refinements

Yea, I was just watching the video (THE TEK), which is why I wanted to come in here and suggest something for the updated design..

This is totally random but a programmable MCU might be cool. Could do some cool stuff with it if it was programmable. Especially if it had solder-able pins inside of it.

On a more realistic note, I would go for a more flexible silicone cable.


Ever use that type? Looks kinda lame for gaming

i have not. i am considering trying one (but not for gaming; this was a joke) — if i do, i'll report back.

I grabbed a sample of one of these in Shenzhen with a 3310 sensor... playing FPS takes a little getting used to, but it is good for your wrist.

Honestly isnt there diminishing return at a certain point for sensors, like ram speeds don't effect it enough to really justify the cost of higher clocked ram. I mean like DPI only really has to go so high and polling rate is only so fast, it just seems kinda pointless for the super high end.

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I tried holding my mouse at a similar angle and it seemed like it would be comfortable. My hands are mostly at my keyboard (I'm a programmer), so when i use the mouse it's just grab, move, click, back to the kb. I think it would come down to build quality, and girth (how thick the vertical part is) — wide seems bad for this.

As for the next Tek Syndicate mouse, whatever it is, I'm in if you make one. : )

I'd like to see a Bluetooth gaming mouse that doesn't suck. Do bluetooth gaming mice suck because of the technology? Do they suck because the ones that exist use old bluetooth? Do they suck because the few vendors trying it just so happened to make a shitty model?

Yes but DPI needs are going up faster due to the huge increase in screen resolutions, keep in mind this also has to go up for multi monitor gaming, too. And polling rate has all ways been limited at 1k, not changing anytime soon.

What is that thing? i actually know people who could use that with wrist issues.

can confirm
using 4000 dpi on TS standard issue for 5760x1080

for example

lol, sweet! for the linux desktop.

also, ambidextrous, first one i've seen.

Probably because its wireless so it has a little bit more latency.

That isn't an answer. All EM radiation travels at near the speed of light, just like electricity. His question is why bluetooth is worse than wired which is of course overhead, interference, and generally bluetooth. Bluetooth isn't, or hasn't been, a very good communication standard if you wanted speed or low latency. There are some 2.4GHz solutions out there that are as good as wired but nothing bluetooth as far as I am aware.

This one is wireless but not bluetooth.

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