Logan, I Beat Your $650 build from July

Got this for around $650. Here Are the specs.

Processor: intel i7 3770k

MotherBoard: Intel® Desktop Board DZ77GAL-70K Extreme Series

Graphics cards: 2x Radeon 6950 crossfire

RAM: 16GB  (4x4) G.skill Ripjaws DDR3 1866

Power Supply: Antec High Current Gamer 750w 80+bronze non modular

Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM HDD

Case: Apevia X-Trooper Black/Blue ATX Mid-Tower

Disk Drive: That iHas124-04 thing that is like $15

and that's it. Special thanks to my brother who is upgrading his graphics cards and as such gifting me the 2 6950s for free, also to his friend who is a best buy employee and as such getting me the motherboard and cpu combined for $265, and to cyber monday, because everything else i got was on sale for 30%-50% off. so i got this absolute beast of a computer for around $650. i think i beat you on that video back in july Logan. i think i got you beat.

nice score man 

i am so damn lucky

Antec PSU can be bad at times. Notorious for coil whine. Watch out for that. Also, adding an SSD would benifit this system greatly. Otherwise looks good.

is coil whine just an irritating noise? not well versed in the afflictions of power supplies.

I considered an SSD but i don't know, may grab a small one for the OS.

you need to get a 7970. maybe later upgrade and then sell the old gpu's?

thought about it, but the most strenuous game i will play anytime soon is BF3 and these will run it on almost full ultra. and these are free.

Prices now are different from July. Computer component prices fluxuate constantly and usually become obsolete fairly quickly. Also, this time of year, things are a lot cheaper than normal *cough* Christmas *cough*

Ive had 2 antec power supply's ( "HCP-850" 850W Gold and a "HCP-1200" 1200W Goldand both of them blew up in different pc's at different locations. So i'm not realy trusting there supplys annymore

even so i doubt you could throw together a 650$ rig that is better than this

Shipping and tax would bring this to 300 dollars. 

just read two reviews from people who thoroughly tested this PSU at different levels of Wattage. it is a good PSU and can hhandle up to 1000w before its safeties shut it down before it blows up, so i think i am safe with this one.

while you were very resorcefull as to use black friday deals to your advantige you should do a $650 rig with out any specail events or promotions like that

1. It's not a contest

2. It's easy to beat someones build from 5 months ago, theirs of which was not around Christmas/holidays.

3. Beating someone elses build from 5 months ago, and then challenging someone to beat the current build you made is not a fair challenge. You can only ask me to beat that build in 5 months from now, which would probably be pretty easy.

First off, i was not trying to make it a challenge, i was responding to the one Logan Posted, nor did i intend to be abrasive in any way, which my the wording of your posts it seems as though you have taken offense in some way. i was happy that i scored this build for $650 and so i decided to post it and see what people thought. that is all.

"even so i doubt you could throw together a 650$ rig that is better than this"

Sounds like a challenge to me. And no, I'm not offended. I'm just saying, boasting about beating someones build from 5 months ago with tons of lowered holiday prices seems kind of pointless.

Not saying you did a bad job on the build.