Logan, Here's a Linux Solution for Audio Authoring

On the latest Tek, Logan mentioned that the thing holding him back for Linux as Daily Driver is the Audio Authoring tool that he uses.

While LMMS may not be the solution, a Virtual Machine is the solution.

I have a Virtual Machine for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and it runs them both fine while dedicating less than a single GB of RAM to them. Logan, your access to hardware is so easily compatible with this aspect that I'd suggest this rather than trying to find an alternative or even trying to run it through WINE.

Virtual Machine to run Windows Apps is annoying for sure but it is a fantastic solution to make Linux your daily driver. I've been doing this structure for 6+ years and it works fantastic. I get to have all the apps I need while also getting to run an operating system that isn't fighting me every day and isn't trying to make me hate computers.

Please give it a shot, I think it will solve your issue.


That's what Wendell suggested in his "Windows Borderless in Linux" tutorial.


Ableton Live 9 runs on Wine. That is a fantastic DAW in my opinion

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Honestly I don't know why people keep avoiding Ardour. Ardour is the premier Linux Digital Audio Workstation. And if you pair it with Rosegarden and JACK Audio Daemon you can accomplish damn near anything. Also there is the Linux release of BitWig Studio which is an awesome sample, loop, sequencer etc.

Ill add a nice tutorial on how to setup a true Linux Audio Authoring Suite.

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