Logan: DualShock 3 on PC?

Hey Logan,

In one of the recent episodes you mentioned that you keep around all your old controllers (Gamecube, Wii, DualShock 2 and 3, ect) And they all work on your PC. I tried about a year ago to get my DualShock 3 to work on my PC using some program called "Joy to Key" or something (don't remember) but I was never able to get it to work right and gave up. I have since bought a 360 Controller to use, but I honestly hate it and would MUCH prefer to use the DualShock.

Can you tell me how you get yours working? Specifically the DualShock 3.


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google search bro,


use "motioninjoy" Its a simple program, lets you remap the keys, lets it appear to be an xbox controller for native gameplay, installs the drivers for you, etc.

Even lets you use it wirelessly if you have a bluetooth dongle.

I agree with Phantom.  Using MotionInJoy with my DS3. I set it to emulate an X360 controller and it just works, but keep in mind any games with controller support usually show the prompts using X360 buttons.

I'm using version 0.6.0005 (The tool wouldn't run if I tried using their latest testing builds). 


Motionjoy, yes, that is what I tried before, and I just tried it again now. But for what ever reason I am still unable to get it to work. I tried using the 360 emulator in the software as well, but nothing. When entering the game controller panel and testing it, all the individual button indicators light up with pressing each button but I can't get the analog sticks to respond, but whats worse is I load up a game like Skyrim, and it doesn't even recognize I have a controller plugged in at all, nothing works. I have checked and unchecked the "360" option in Skyrim, still nothing.

(don't ask me why I want to play Skyrim with a controller, I just do, k? Kay.)

motion joy is a total POS. known to cause BSODs too. i've seen the crash dumps.

Have a better suggestion out there I could use?

For what it's worth I was able to get it to work by downloading an older version, but it does still feel a little wonky. 

Make sure you go to the drivers tab, to install the drivers, then, after selecting which controller you want it to be "ps2, xbox 360, etc) you have to click on "Enable" or whatever. its the purple box. then press the vibration button and it should vibrate, that's when you know it works. I've never had problems with it before.

Motiontojoy works for me. you can use bot USB and BT to connect the controller.

Hey looks like everyone has already said it, so yeah you will need MotioninJoy.

Motionjoy has never caused me issues on multiple machines. Great program and very simple to use. Just make sure you install the drivers and connect the controller when you first do it. Google how to use motionjoy and you'll easily be able to get it up and running quick and easy. 

Yes. Motioninjoy is horrible, also a botnet and you should not use it. It also has some incompatibilities with windows sometimes, aswell as with some flash dongles. I tried getting it to work with my PC to no avail, until i reinstalled windows, then it worked flawlessly, but it called home every time i ran it (So it could display ads).
I'd certainly avoid it. 

i've debugges over 200 bsods. i've seen at least 10 different instances where the cause was motionjoy,

just get a logitech controller, or razer if they have any

also a botnet and you should not use it

but it called home every time i ran it (So it could display ads).

Has adds, Must be malicious. 

aswell as with some flash dongles

You mean bluetooth dongles? A lot of them don't support a PS3 controller. as listed on their website.

My bad. Yes, BT dongles. I've had a case where reinstalling windows with the recommended chinese dongle was the difference between it working and not . I dont know why that is. Other than that it wont function if you have Router-based adblocking. 

I'd call preventing you from using the software unles it can display ads counts as malicious. 

motionjoy is terrible, and I HAVE SEEN THE BSODS.

still known to cause BSOD's. i've seen it many times.

Its not the program that would cause the BSOD, but the drivers for the controller. 

Seeing as how any of them would use the same driver set, this isn't a problem with motioninjoy.