Logan, can we see some 4K benchmarks comparing x79 to z87

I know you weren't happy with the 4K monitor you purchased but it is still a monitor with 4K resolution.  If you have the hardware available could you do a test with some high end GPUs like 780's or 290's and see if there is any bandwidth limitation to using PCIe 3.0 in 8x/8x on a z87 compared to a 16x/16x configuration on x79?

I hope you do this, I know a lot of people who would love to know the results!


I'd think it would have to be with R9 290x's/295x2 and the 6 GB versions of the GTX 780 Ti's. There's plenty of benchmarks showing the 3GB of vram on the 780 Ti bottlenecking at 4k when using SLI.

That's a good point about the vram usage.  With the VRAM not being a bottleneck, I would like to see if there is any difference between the two platforms.

I hear its only on some games but true it is the first bottleneck. 

I think that the latency will bother logan while benching it so much he wouldn't do it..