Logan best CPU Cooler by price range

 Hey Logan since you believe that the DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX and the Cooler Master Hyper 212 probably have similar performance is their any chance you could make a more detailed video on what are the best price to performance CPU coolers out there within specific price ranges and perhaps at what point are you just paying for extra ?

I don't think this is the kind of question Logan will typically respond to, as YouTube channel owners typically are quite busy, and this information is widely available on the internet.

My theory aside, why don't you just look up some benchmarks? These two air coolers are very commonplace and the data should be available. 

To address your second query, you're never really paying extra, you typically get what you pay for with cooling. The difference is, the 212 EVO for example, is a high-end cooler in its category, which is mid-size tower heatsinks, with standard included fans. The more expensive options from companies such as Noctua, are the high-end in their own category, large tower heatsinks with silence optimized fans.

You can't compare a 212 EVO and a Noctua DH15, because they're two separate product categories. Focus on choosing the best value device within your budget, provided it meets your system requirements. This is the general message that's always given to people who ask your sort of questions.

Although it is not the answer you are necessarily looking for, I do believe this is the most up-to-date round-up on CPU cooling solutions:


and, uh, PS, it is in german.

i came here for info on the "logan's best" type cpu cooler. sad now.

is their a link that's in English I tried doing a translate and lets just say it was unsuccessful. 

Ah, I had assumed that the numbers were all that mattered.

If you copy the link, and then paste it into a Google search, there should be an option near the search to "Translate this page".  It won't be the best translation, but you should be able to at least get the gist.