@Logan and Wendell can you please cover this soon


So I live in the UK but still it worries me when things like this happen. From what I gather corporations are now able to block certain websites in the USA. This is likely to get worse and spread around the world. Maybe I'm getting this wrong but can someone please explain this too me and why is our internet now at risk of restriction ? 


I did some reading today and i think here we are safe until at least 2015 according to ofcom



Ive only had a quick read but i think we in the EU are fine... for now

Hmm hopefully that will give us enough time to shield us and get this thing changed, still this isn't good for those in America I really hope this doesn't get out of control.

So representatives in the EU parliament, such as the Swiss and the Pirate Party might keep us safe? Something good came out of the EU? :o

I don't mean to sound too sarcastic. I mean, I can imagine the UK giving into the same pressures, but much of Europe wouldn't stand for it.

there is some basic filtering which the major players are doing "porn filter" are becoming an opt out service much like on our mobile phones.

Virgin media do have some traffic priorities as do most ISP's but depends on your plan with the ISP im with Plus Net (not great) but i have unlimited data i burn around 200+GB per month between the mrs and I. if we opted for the limited data plan we would be throttled on VPN & P2P which is what she uses for work HAHA!


after checking this link i noticed they have since updated there website and no longer throttle traffic as much but still the throttling is there and in place not so much to the same extent in the states and canada but still it is in place more for QoS than anything.