(Logan and Wendale) Ever look into the experation date on the constition?

Dear Logan and Wendale,

Since you guys are deep into the NSA scandal Thought you guys might want to look into the Founding Fathers big goof up, the expiration date for the U.S. constitution and what happened in the early 20th century afterwards it'll help you guys see the bigger picture and give you an Idea for future video/s.


P.S. And yes there is an expiration date in the constitution that has been exploited to "better" the american people and the man who made it all possible regretted it after the fact and published it in the public domain.

After thought: My thumbs are sore from the thumbing up, keep up the great work, and don't stop creating your pioneers in New media.

The US Constitution has no Expiration Date, you have some bad info.

The only expiration date for the Constitution is technology unfortunately.

there is no experation "date" persay, there is however that clause that refers to something about dinosaurs and lasers making any piece of paper meaningless (including the constitution), however there is no date

Actually there is one and it's the only other date in the Constitution other than the drafting date. Now it's not like a food expiration date it's a you can't mess with the internals expiration date. It's why Laws like Obama care can even be in existence and enforced when they shouldn't even exist in the first place. Now the amazing thing is how long it has taken for things to get into the state the US is currently in is something of a wonder. Makes you wonder why we celebrate St. Patrick's day if you look into it really good. And so everyone can do your home work there's a reason why the 16th amendment was ratified when it was ratified and why it couldn't be ratified sooner.