Logan and Morrowind

Hello Logan, Wendel, and whoever else may be on the inbox. I often notice that one of the monitors in the background during The Tek is using a wallpaper that features artwork of Sadrith Mora from Morrowind.

From this I infer that Logan is fond of Morrowind and the Elder Scrolls universe in general. Thus I have a few questions for Logan. These also apply to Wendel if he happens to be a fan of Morrowind. (And Qain if he happens to be there for some reason.)

What is the most superior of all the great Dunmer houses?

Who is more powerful? The Nerevarine or the Champion of Cyrodiil?

Describe a fond moment you have commited to memory while playing Morrowind.


Everyone else is welcome to answer the same questions in the comments.

In all honesty, Morrowind is the best of the TES games to have come out (Maybe Daggerfall beats it but Morrowind definitely trumps Oblivion and Shyterim). The main storyline was ACTUALLY INTERESTING AND WELL DEVELOPED, the political intrigue and interfaction and clan warring, the dense lore and stories that permeated that huge land. Really the only thing that isn't as good in Morrowind, compared to Oblivion and Shyterim, was the combat and graphics.

To answer your other questions...

1.) I've played around with all the Dunmer houses and my personal favorite is Redoran for its storylines and armor :P . Hlaalu gets second followed by Indoril

2.) The Nerevarine clearly. He's a prophesied second coming of a god among men who's purpose is to unite an entire race and stop the world from impending doom. The Champion was basically a freaking pawn who was only there to make sure MARTIN saved the world.

3.) Bunny hopping EVERYWHERE! But in all seriousness, Purging the Balmora club of those asshats and doing the assassin quest line (God i forget the name, but they were associated with the Spinner daedra). Kill one person you have a writ assigned to and then you can kill like 8 other randoms and get away scott free! Love the legal system :P

Describe a fond moment you have commited to memory while playing Morrowind.

Leveling acrobatics by jumping up every stair I encountered. Made funny noises when jumping really fast :D

:P You only jumped the stairs? Granted, stairs and slopes were the most fun but didn't you wear out your spacebar like every other gamer?

Sure. But the stairs were fastest for the leveling of acrobatics. Because you got "held back" by them :p I jump in most games that don't penalize it (grrrrrr Battlefield) but on the stairs I had the most fun (and slopes).

Did you guys play Morrowind with any mods or plain as it came out of the box? 

I played this vanilla on day one... and put a few hundred hours into it... I recently re-installed it and modded it up. It looks way better than vanilla Skyrim. I'll probably play it a bit and then answer these questions in an upcoming video. 

Cool. Looking forward to it.

Hell yeah.  I'm really interested to see what mods you're using.  The Morrowind Overhaul Project (if I remember the name correctly) can bring my rig to it's knees at full settings at a measly 30fps, but damn does it look sexy.