Logan; and everyone else. Is this a good PC?

Ok I posted this before, but I did do some changes to it before. 
I already ordered this PC, (coming on monday or tuesday) and everyone said get more ram (i got 2x2GB to begin with) so I ordered more ram, and I am going to return my other RAM. I also will be updating my Motherboard because it didnt support overclocking too much. I also added a cpu cooler.

Reason why I said "Logan; and everyone else" is because I just saw Logan on the forum (OMFG HI LOGAN)

Amd FX 8320 - $180 (reason why I choose the 8320 over the 8350 is because it's the same CPU, just clocked lower)

HIS IceQ HD 7870 2GB - $220

Corsair CX500W power supply - $54

Antec case - $25

Asus M5A97 r2.0 motherboard with 970 chipset and 4+2 power phase - $95

G.Skill 2x4 1866mhz RAM - $55

Coolermaster 212 Evo - $30

Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200rpm - $75


Good build for the price?


I plan to play games pretty much.. No heavy programs.

Battlefield 3, skyrim, all the newer games 

Looks good man. Should be able to play stuff like BF3,FC3, and Crysis 3 in highest settings on a 1080p monitor at 35-45 fps.

I hope you're right :)

This what you're looking for? 



Exactly :) 

Except different case and no dvd drive.

that cpu isnt just clocked lower its also binned lower so it may not overclock as well as the 8350. if you look around you may just find it for 180 also.



I know a guy who owned this processor, along with an FX 8350 to compare. He OC'd both to 5.03ghz with water cooling, both stable. He since as returned the 8350 and kept the 8320. I don't think it's binned lower. 

Yes its a good build

the diffrence between the 8320 and 8350 i think there will be not much diffrence for gaming..

No $25 case mate. Which currency are you using?