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Log out on Linux host for inactivity using USB passthrough peripherals

I’m passing my mouse/keyboard usbs to the VM. After a wile, because the host hasn’t had an input, KDE logs me out and then I need to log in again to keep using the application.

Video players, for example, don’t have this problem. If I watch a long movie or video on a web browser I don’t get log out.

is there a way to configure Looking Glass to not log me out of my host session?

I don’t think KDE logs you out. I believe it simply locks the desktop for inactivity. That’s a KDE config and has nothing to do with LG. If KDE uses the screensaver timers to decide when to lock the desktop, you can try running LG with the -S option to disable the screensaver.

That is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much, Sr.