Locking on my GPU, now I need a monitor

Hello comrades!

I am slowly locking on to the GTX 1070 Galax HOF graphics card and I want to know what monitors you recommend ($300-$400) for the card.


Do you think you will ever SLI? If so I say go 4K. As for models I only really have been looking at tvs for gaming so I can't be of much help with 4K monitors. I will say though that I believe Wendell is really waiting on a 40" monitor to become an affordable thing for 4K so with that said a tv with low response times might be an interesting option. I know I found one. Btw though don't quote me on what I said Wendell said as he may have said 37" was enough.

I do plan on going SLI in the future when I racked up more money.

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If you're doing SLI, get a really nice 1440p monitor

Within $300, If you prefer IPS, Try this

If you prefer better response time/higher refresh rate, here

You can have both at 1080p here

If you want fancier monitors, you have to go above $500; I looked.
If you don't want to spend more on a monitor, then DON'T do SLI. If you do, then do.

IF you want SLI 1070's and a fancy monitor, the best one I found is this


These monitors are interesting. What about an ultra wide monitor? Few people I talked to have Ultra Wide monitors with a 1070.

ultra wide 1080p is good, here's a good one

3440x1440 is a bit too much of a load for the 1070 IMO. and the monitors are hella expensive

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Alright~ thanks for the suggestions

If he is going to go SLI GTX 1070s in the future he can 4K game on one I would assume decently especially with older titles that have added support. Also there is upscaling. OP by chance do you also console game? That would be another reason to go 4K.

If he pays the money for a 4k monitor now, and have to save up for a second card, he'll have low frames/ settings in the meantime for new/recent games.
unless he wants a large screen, there's no reason to go 4k right now with 1 or even 2 1070s. high PPI 1080 or 1440 will be less expensive and have more options for panel types and what now

I changed my mind. I will stick with just one 1070, but I want a fair priced 2560x1440 monitor and I do not know which one to choose.

What is the use case?

I'm assuming what I'll be playing. I will be playing FPS games as well as third person games like Shadow of Mordor or Batman Arkham Knight.

Maybe I would want to save some money on a high refresh rate 1920x1080 monitor then buy a 2560x1440 later.

As long as you are just gaming, I don't see a big benefit of a higher resolution than 1080p anyway. Thing is you can totally get 27" 144Hz Freesync for that price. G-Sync ... not so much. Maybe keep that in mind.

What monitor do you recommend at an affordable price?

I am only judging by specs and brand here but I think the Iiyama GB2788HS-B1 looks interesting.