Lock down windows 10 from spying

That 8 thing is exactly same what happened with Vista. Early problems left this nasty rumor and I personally didint note anything different when moving from late Vista to 7, or late 8.1 to 10.

You can still find people who say from 8.1 like "oh, isint the UI like so bad you cant find anything" then happily keep on using that older OS and claim its the best shit ever.

Anyways, some sort of real Win10 Enterprise should be a thing that you can pay yourself out from F2P.

Thats a bit of the problem, Enterprise is also intrusive wenn it comes to updates etc.
Also the telemetry tracking is still active in there.
And thats a bad thing.

In my opinnion pro users and enterprise users, should have the ability to turn that stuff off permanently,
and it should stay off.
Now you have to be some sort of a ninja master to turn off some of that stuff.
And its still not fully turned off.

I have Windows10 enterprise iso sitting on my drive, and i might install that in a VM to see what i can do with it.

Windows8.1 there was not that much wrong with it if you ask me.
You could install classicshell or whatever, and you get the same interface as 7.
The main issue with windows 8 was that there was no start button atall.
And apps were running full screen, like on a tablet.
Making it totaly useless as a desktop OS.

But i dont understand that MS just doesnt the same thing as linux does.
Just create a couple of ui's that you include with the product, and let people choose what they like to use.


If you want to have fun you can setup scripts to create false info for them to mine/sale

Spybot Anti Beacon and a block MS severs at your firewall stops the bulk of it though.

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ME?! This has to be a typo.

*Gasps* Different desktop environments? It's a penguin! Kill it! Kill it!!!!

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LOL...yes but as they say Linux isn't Windows....Thank goodness they are right!

nope no typo i had ME for all of 2 weeks before i put 98 back on the machine. and didnt upgrade again until XP.

My bad, I read your post wrong.