Local ISP down for 4 days [News] 11/28/17 Update: 12/2/17 still down :(

This regional ISP named Unggoy Broadband has been a terrible ISP for Charles City, Iowa and the surrounding towns. It has impacted businesses that have VOIP services through them. The owner of the Unggoy Broadband released an official statement about the outage yesterday when the network was down already for 3 days:

We are not sure what has caused the outage, but services will be restored as soon as possible.

Unggoy Broadband has acquired at least 2 ISP’s from other towns. And rumors are the owner is in the process of being charged with several counts of embellishment.

Video to news article

And the reviews for the ISP are the most creative I have ever read. Sad but legitimate reviews. :rofl:
priceless review

Of course responce from owner:

Response from the owner 8 months ago
Hi Steve. It seems there’s been a lot of miscommunication here. Unfortunately the weather does dictate our schedule on certain occasions when the technicians cannot safely climb on structures or ladders. We apologize for any miscommunication on our end. Thank you for bringing the cookies.

It doesn’t get much worse than that. Their Corporate Commando’s nipples have to be chafing to the point of bleeding.

Out in rural PA internet is a pain if you tell the cable company to shove it.
Small start up
I have Frontier, they said that since we are rural what you see is what you get, then they cut the bill in half :slight_smile:
"“Unggoy” means “monkey” in the Filipino language"


HAHAHAHA!!! That’s great. Thanks for sharing that.