Local caching of NFS mounts (Linux)

I have a NAS and a compute server that are only connected by a 1Gb ethernet link. I could of course get faster NICs but since the PCIe slots are full, that would probably require some adapter hackery (a la “cheat codes for breaking device limits”). Totally willing to do that if necessary, but first, I was thinking… the compute server has some local flash - is there a good way to use the local flash as a cache for the NFS mounts? Knowing the workload, I’m pretty sure the read pattern would benefit from caching. What I’m worried about is finding a solution that can buffer the writes as well, so that the application doesn’t need to wait on the slow 1Gb link midway through execution… It would be nice to be able to buffer the writes to flash and have it migrate over to the NAS behind the scenes transparently.

Is this something that is possible / easy to set up?

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