LLC on = Blank screen when stressing!

Hey guys! I wanted to overclock my 8350 to 4.8GHZ, but to do that I need LLC on. When I stress with LLC on I get a blank screen, the computer is still running, just the monitors go to sleep mode when stressing. Here is a video:


(sorry about the music my phone didn't have audio recording on)

Are you able to look at your voltages at the moment of the start of the stress test?


On UD3, the default LLC, increases the voltage beyond what you have set the CPU to run at. (it can sometimes give .02 to .035 V more than what you have set. and iv a VRM is being run near its limit, and the voltage suddenly spikes, the VRM protection may kick in, and cause the system to halt.

 (on my UD3, LLC pushes the CPU from the 1.5V that I set, to 1.536V when the CPU is under load, and that is with it on its lowest level), but due to the large steps in voltage that this board uses, I had to balance the use of LLC, and the voltage I set, to avoid an excessively high voltage at all times).

For older versions of the UD3, this was added in a bios update to prevent people from blowing a VRM


With the newer versions (I think around 3.0 to 4.0) they switched to a new cooling design to support the fx9000 series CPU, and included the protection by default.


If the voltage is not spiking at the start, then try keeping the voltage the same, then setting the clock speed to 4GHz (also make sure the turbo boost crap is not enabled)