Living in the Woods (like a MadMan)

For quite some time I have wanted to live in the woods somewhere in Texas, maybe just outside Austin and for quite some time my friends and parents have told me that I might just be a mad man for doing so.

Well, maybe their choice of words weren't so stern, but I was always told that I simply could not do it. This time however, I am bit older and a tiny bit wiser and I have come to the conclusion that I still want to build a small, simple home in the secluded sections of the forest and enjoy the outdoors some more. Problem is that with school and regular job (that I would leave in a heartbeat) and all the other things that come with college life I haven't been able to really dig into what is required to do so. Things like permits and crazy environmental people who claim that my walking on the twigs and leaves in the wilderness will cause massive and irreparable damage to the land, legals tidings and the lot all seems like inevitable hurdles that I would need to gallop over in order to live in the forest.

I know I'll have to dig into it myself and I'm not asking for everyone on the forums to do it for me, I am simply asking what are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of doing what I want to do. I only ask here because there is really no other place I would want to read and hear other peoples opinions from. 


-Also I'm not quite sure what to post this under so I shoved it in the Hacking section because I think of it as hacking your daily living 

I love the idea! the only thing i would think of before doing it (not including the "inevitable hurdles") is researching about the forest your going to live in a bit more. You don't wanna go out there and...well....die. (and get raped by a koala)


also how long are planning on living in the forest?

Once I get out of college I plan on having amassed some funds to build even a small property. I'm not quite sure how long I do plan on staying out there but It would be worth it to me no matter the time spent. If I'm honest I don't plan on spending the rest of my days in the U.S. but those are plans that will more or less come to fruition when the time comes.

I've always wanted to do that. My family has 190 acres of woods about 20 minutes from where I live. I've always wanted to just go live in the woods for a month or so during my summer break (I'm 16). However I have permission to be on the property so it wouldn't be an issue. It's full of beautiful creeks to fish and bathe in too.

That right there sounds like something I would really enjoy 

i always wanted  to live in the woods,in a cabin with a huge library and a lustful wife.

In case anyone was wondering, I don't plan on building a colossal home that looks like something out of Skyrim or Minecraft. THIS   and THAT  are really what I'm going for. Something small and self sustainable. I've never been one for large spaces.

I'm with you on that one

you could want some solar panels, with led lights, a garden, a decent water and food storage, some water filtering system (maybe with a pump), being close to a calm river is a good idea, because you can have a small water-powered generator, that can power said pump, very good isolation (at least doubled or tripled glass and thick walls), not having your house too near to a tree (something like 2 times the height of the tree), to be sure that it doesn't destroy your house if it falls. If you want, get an emergency phone. you may also would like a gas power generator, with a decent stock of gas, in case you need to use power tools. a wood fueled oven is also nice.
for the plants you would like,  succulent plants that are edible are a good idea in case you don't have a lot of water, papaver somniferum can provide some painkillers (be careful, they can be addictive), aloes can help for cuts, also some dry fruits are good as they are long-lasting, potatoes are versatile, as you can even make bread from them, but they are quite weak against insects, so some flowers can help repel insects (don't remember the name right now), generally, some spices, some fruits, and maybe cereals, if you have access to a river, as they need a lot of water, some hives to get honey and also wax, if you want to make candles (check the warré hives, as they need relatively low attention).
you can maybe have some sheep/goats/cows and chickens/ducks to get milk/butter/cheese and eggs, and also, if you build the park for the animals under the house, you get a free floor-heater :p also get a good bike or horse (the horse can help you more, but eats more, and if you have cows, you can have them take the role of the horse). you could also plan on selling or trading your plants with eggs and milk, or other commodities.
this is what I think could be useful if you plan to live in the woods, take what you want. 
cheers from a mad man, with crazy parents ;-) 
ps: for a garden, this is nice 

I think I'll be adding a garden roof and various other bits of "green" thinking. Right now however I think I'll start designing the house in UDK just for fun. Home-building and Art should be one in the same, just looking at these homes inspires me even more to do this. But I might wait a bit and move out of the country before I set off on this project, settle somewhere across the pond that is both cold and forward thinking.

living in the woods would be fun i think

As somebody that lives in rural New England, I have to say the novelty will probably wear off after a little while. It's nice being able to do your own thing out in the woods, but if you need to go anywhere it's a pain in the ass. And I'm not even all that rural, I do have sorta neighbors.

It is amusing though because it's a shorter trip to Montreal, QC, Canada than it is to drive to my grandmother's house on the other side of the state. Heck, I can get to the Canadian/USA border quicker than I can get to Boston.

One of the main reasons for the move is mostly isolation from congested areas, such as the suburbs where I have to deal with my neighbors stupid house rattling bass on his ancient 1970 Cadillac, traffic jams, and wannabe adolescent gangsters who think they own the world because their parents buy everything for them. Not really for the convenience of it, but more for the spiritual sensation that I've had before when I was camping. Or at least something similar to it, mostly, even though I am fond of company and have many people to spend my time with, in truth I am a bit of a loaner. I just think it would be worth it to try it and if it does not work out then I can always come back to the civilized world like nothing ever happned. At least I know I tried and did not like it.

Are you going full on Walden? Sounds interesting, hopefully you manage to do it without a job;

I didn't thought about roof garden, because I thought that you would have all the space that you need, and roof gardens can be hard to make/cultivate and it is easier to have a plain garden.

Doesn't sound so crazy to me,  check out this documentary, its full of good stuff but about 53min in they do a full interview with a family who constructed an "earth-ship"  which is a fully sustainable and energy efficient house. there are many other sites online about earth-ships but this should wet your beak so to speak.

- Work at home job

- Satallite internet

- Plant cultivation skills for veggies

- Hunting skills for meat

Learning hunting or growing vegetables isn't that hard.The hard part is getting a work at home job to pay for the things you can't do,make,grow etc. by yourself.

Its not unfeasible,you can do it if you are committed.

I hope you try and succeed.Its better than working a corporate "job",living the "modern" life and dealing with people.


Or you could get the "Mad Hermit Starter Kit 9000" and start right away =)

one of the first things that come to mind?

This lmao

I kid i kid but I don't know Living in the Woods would be nice. but sometimes Isolation isn't always the best.  it is good to "have a state of Monastery" if that makes sense.

These skills are imperative, I'm attending a hill billy show on Saturday (it's really a gunshow) and maybe they might just show me a few things. I've also been frequenting a website dedicated to the art of survivalism.

I'll for sure hop on this when I get back tonight!