Livestreaming PC Build HELP!

Hello everyone I need some help choosing which pc build I should go with. I only plan on Livestreaming via TwitchTV playing PC games. I'm not sure which one to go with.

First build AMD:

Second build INTEL:

I am honestly leaning towards the AMD build because people are saying that the FX-8350/9590 are better for streaming and gaming cause of the 8-cores and starting out at 4.7 GHZ. Let me know please don't favor INTEL OR AMD when answering.

Well, the 9590 runs balls hot.  When comparing the FX-8350 to the Intel i5-4670k, the FX-8350 wins in streaming.  However, the i7-4770k can handle streaming relatively well.  I would personally go for the i7 build, as the FX-9590 is a very highly binned, highly overclocked FX-8350.  The i7-4770k will run a lot cooler and will actually allow for some overclocking.  Keep in mind that the clock speed of an AMD chip is not a good method of comparison with an Intel chip, since they use different architectures.

And man, I wish I could have a PC like that :P.



Hows a build like this or should I go for the i7 build?

To my knowledge, the FX-line of chips higher than the FX-8350 are higher binned, overclocked FX-8350s.  Some may have more or less cache, but otherwise there's not a whole lot different.

With a budget like yours, I would go with an i7.

8320 and all above are the same chip. All those should have the same amount of cache.


since you have such a big budget, you could get like 80+ gold or platinum rated power supply. You would get more efficient operation and possible quieter and reliaber operation but thats just my 2 cents :)


I wont recommend the CX PSUs as they have cheap components in them.

Cheaper and better board.

How's this Mobo for my build? and I have to keep that psu cause i already have it its in my current pc I'm going to use that.

I would still recommend the UD4H, as it is a true champion in its price-legion.


If you already have that PSU, I wont recommend spending money on a new.

Yeah I'm not just gonna use that PSU. And I plan on O.C to 4.5 or hyperthrrading I need a very good mobo/ do you still think thats the best one for around $150-170

I would also throw in avermedia live gamer so you can get the best performance in games as you have a card doing encoding on its own, it will leave more room for your games on the cpu and gpu.