Yesterday me n' logan saw Amon Amarth, Goatwhore, Skeletonwitch, & The Absence live. Was freakin' sweet


What a fucking lineup mate...How was their performance? Did any of you take any videos or pics? :D

I didn't. But the guy right next to me did, and itll be on youtube. I was on the balcony, the first person by the stairs hohoho. performance was hella sweet. Specially amon amarth. They played Twilight of the thunder god varyags of miklagaard guardians of asgard death by fire cry of the black birds n shit. and goatwhore was nice. Was awesome dawg homie G skillet biskits extra gravy on top some scrambled eggs and a hardy glass of orange juice.

The singer for amon amarth was hilarious dude. he said "YOU STILL ALIVE FT. LAUDERDALE?!?!!" everyone said YEAHHH and he said "brilliant......" Roflcopta

my friend saw Amon Amarth live he said it was one of the best fucking shows he ever seen.

His head was bleeding so he went to the bathroom and met the lead singer of Skeletonwitch.


I wanna see Skeletonwitch ;_;

i've seen em live twice, they're awesome.