Live Streaming Requirements

Could anyone point out a preferred upload speed when streaming gameplay. I currently am at 300 kbps up and I am thinking of using twitch for streams but might there be any other competitive alternates as well. Thanks guys.

*I totally mucked up, in megabits im at 3 megabits which I accidentally put to ~300 kilobytes with wobble


Not really and you probably won't be able to stream at all with those speeds.

what is a good baseline for upload then?

You'd need at least ten megabits per second upload, really.

Most streaming services suggest you to have at least a 5mbps internet service.  You may be able to run video streaming but at something like 360 resolution.  Very low quality, but it is doable.  Just make sure everything is HEAVILY compressed on your output on OBS/Xsplit.  The high compression means you will be required to add more strain to the CPU/GPU so make sure you are aware how much you are running.


3 is all fine, but you cant expect a 720p 30fps set up with that. For that you probably need minimum 5 up. Which is what i have and it works flawlessly. 

I have seen people stream all the way down at 0.8 upload at 460p so yeah.


with your i would just set the resolution somewhere in between that. Just remember it takes a lot of cpu power, so if you play cpu intensive games while streaming, you will see a lack of performance on both parts.


Have fun streaming!

Streaming at 10megabits would require everyone watching to have 10 down, which would make the general userbase of twitch unable to watch it.

3 is a good start, 5 if you want 720p/30fps.

10 if you are a partner and need to output a low quality stream and a high quality stream. 

Needing 10 is basically a big lie, unless like i said; you're partnered.



I tried some twitch streams awhile back here on my connection, 80 down but only 4 up, and it really wasn't worth the hassle and video quality after it was all said and done.

Not quite how it works...

It's all about how you adjust your bit rate, but why would you need 10mbs up if you're just gonna have a 3k bitrate? makes no sense to demand such and such. I wrote a more in depth article on it. if you want to see more information about it click here.