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So I'm closing in on being done with my game Beyond the Void (links to mention in Inbox.exe from almost 3 years ago). You can check out the engine I'm writing for it here. Otherwise I'd be live streaming at my twitch and I'm curious as to if any of you are interested and want to decide what I'll live stream!

Poll Link
PS: I should have a demo around next weekend in time for the lan.

Update (April 23rd, 2016 9:10PM) PST NEW POLL:
What to work on tonight!
Stream Link

Update (April 24th, 2016 10:47PM) PST NEW POLL:


I'll be live streaming tomorrow (Monday) morning by the way.

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PST, will be streaming for about 12 hours or so.

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Ok I'm live right now! (A little late, sorry)

If you guys have requests for music or something you want to see just say in chat or on this thread!


If you guys are interested you should come hang out!
I'll be live for a few hours tonight and a bit tomorrow as well!

added you to the chrome twitch notification extension

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thanks, I'll be live again in a few minutes. Have to sort out some business first.

Ok, I'm live again if anyone is interested in hanging out!

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Tek's very own watchpeoplecode...I think more of this would be a good thing!

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I made this for you

Whatsup guys! I'm live!
Vote on what I work on here!

Live again tonight!
Working on a different smaller project for tonight!