Live Stream times for this weekend

Hey guys, just dropping another thread by for this weeks times for my Live Streams.

  • Friday (Tonight): 9PM to around 12AM
  • Saturday: 8:30PM to 12AM
  • Sunday: 9:15PM to 12AM

I am getting my main rig prepped for Live Stream tonight, getting a good clean out at least after getting my new hard drive. Leave a comment to whether you can come and watch tonight. I do like to be heavily interactive with the chat.

Games I will be playing throughout this weekend:

  • F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origins
  • Pokemon FireRed
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Dirt 3
  • 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul

Just a few games for a start. Follow me at

Heh, I remember when you got Dirt 3. Might drop in if I can get away from the insanity that is my life.

LOL! I might do dirt 3 later this weekend. Let me know when you are able to.

Live stream in 4 Minutes

Anyone else coming?

already here, and there.

Thank you everyone for coming, I'll be starting up around 8:30 tomorrow night.

19 More Minutes till live stream

Live streaming now!