Live recording of podcast with chat feed?

just wanted to throw a few ideas out there for ya.

what about live streaming your podcast with a box at the bottom showing a feed of what people are saying as they watch the show and have the chatroom imbedded in the show.

the reason i thought it would be cool was because it would show the people who just watch the podcast that there is a fairly cool network of people on the forums and mumble.


I'm not sure if he still does it but a tech reviewer called Chris Pirillo used to do it years ago and it seemed to work well for him to show the community in his network.

edit: couldnt embed too big?

something like this, as you can see there is a scrolling text box at the bottom of the windows showing what people are commenting as you record


thank you, i cant figure out how i did it wrong

Your depiction of Wendell needs to be updated to reflect the new Viking look. (Which is totally awesome btw)

thanks for trying out my ideas on the show