Live Linux Distro with All Major DE preinstalled

I've convinced my dad to switch to linux at the end of summer, but now I need to show him the different desktops and was wondering if anyone knew of a live cd that had all the majors ones pre-installed

I don't know of any Linux distro that has all major DE pre installed mostly because that would cause compatibility issues or conflicts with other de's. I would suggest showing him the distros on youtube or through a live cd just so that he can get a feel for it. There is how ever a few distros that allow you to choose what desktop environment you want on initial set-up like Antergos and OpenSuse.

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I thought so, but I figured I would see if anyone knew of something.

You could try LinuxBBQ Gangbang Edition

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Ugh there actually is a thing, a project, that has a live CD and the point is to live change DE's with a press of a button. You can't install it, its like a science project....

Hydra? Hydragen? Something like that.

You could use Arch Anywhere. It is a script that will let you install Arch through a GUI with additional software. Like a DE or WM.
Make a couple VM's and install Arch with Arch Anywhere a couple of times with different DE's. Your dad could try them and see which one he likes best.

I don't think there is one because that would probably cause numerous problems. Though there is something like this for window managers and it's called LinuxBBQ. It comes with 76 different WM's pre-installed lol

There is one that has all major Ubuntu related Distros on one ISO called Linux AIO

Put a full installation on a USB stick and load all the environments.

I'm not aware of a LIVE distro but, if you have a spare USB or portable hard drive, you can install Debian and select to install all DE's during the installation process.