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We will trim off the front in a bit as soon as it processes, video starts at about 0:23

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It has begun.

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Would love to see the 900p or 905p used as an LVM cache device (in benchmarking scenario vs storMI)

Have anything like that planned??

Stream over

Case study if they can do it would deff be cool

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This was an awesome discussion. More of this kind of stuff is very welcome.

Sorry for the dumb question but that’s the first time I’ve seen a video chat done with two separate windows for each party. What video calling software did you use?

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When you discussed turning off power management stuff for better stability what all are you referring to?
With my Ryzen system is that just cool n quiet or also C states?
Is there any further in Windows you are doing beside setting it on Hi performance mode?

Yeah, windows is setting the extreme performance profile which still has the ryzen clock changes.

Intel is way more buggy going g back to has well but ryzen is imperfect too. See also c stare failure.

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I don’t think the software had separate windows, I assume that it was just 1 capture for the video chat and one capture off the camera.

Darn. Missed it. Was there any discussion about their old mineral oil aquarium cases and the bogus lawsuit that forced them to stop making them? For me, those builds will always be synonymous with their company name since I always wanted one :slight_smile:

There wasn’t.

You can still watch the VOD btw.

Oh, interesting! Thank you!! I’m guessing the capturing software was OpenBroadcaster, but I’m still curious as to what calling software was used… Skype? Hangouts? or some other awesome @wendell ish alternative?