Live from Computex -- Wendell's Udemy Linux Course Launch! (beta) | Level One Techs

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Any chance of releasing (or selling) the advanced level content for those of us already comfortable with this level of material?

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I’ve already signed up and started! I was looking for something just like this after watching your “Digital Freelancer” series. Thanks for the great content @wendell

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Soon tm

Can’t wait to get started on this. Just gotta finish my A+ cert first… Lol


I just bought this course only to support your efforts in creating quality linux content. If you do have hours of advanced content, please make it available! I have dreamt of the day the level1Linux channel moved beyond the basics in instructional videos. If the content goes to udemy rather than youtube, I’d pay to see it!

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You’re looking for this: ™


Just purchased using the latest link above. I look forward to checking it out.

Just bought it. The sneaky udemy bastards switch out the coupon code, if you use Add To Cart button, instead of using Buy Now.
I assume, that is the udemy’s own coupon, with pretty much no money going to the author, iirc?

@wendell I remember you said something in the video, but, imho, you should have actually showed this. I watched the video yesterday, and almost forgot about it. To be honest, the only reason I double-checked the coupon after adding to cart, is because i remembered reading about udemy’s tactics long time ago… and then I remembered you said something in the video… in that order. Just saying, that this sneaky coupon slight-of-hand crap udemy is doing is so easy to miss, I wonder how many will actually be tricked.

Thanks for the course, and hope it’s good :slight_smile: Total linux newb here, but very much eager to get away from windows, eventually.


I am surprised everyone likes it. It was a killer to put togher. But I’ve prolly got 40 more hours sketched out

Not sure how that is a surprise :stuck_out_tongue: You teaching Linux for the newbs back in the old nerd cave, what could go wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang, didn’t realise that… sneaky beggars

I´m going through the course right now, and I´m fairly new to Linux (I´ve setup a Linux based minecraft/teamspeak server before, but not much else). I will leave my feedback here as I go along.

Lektion 1: You make your course sound rather negative. Yes you should be honest with what you can learn, but maybe try to be more positive about it.
Lektion 2: Editing error in the middle.
Lektion 3: Very good, gives a ton of info and really sums it up well.
Lektion 4: Maybe provide some more info on where Linux is used today, in particular when it comes to server and phone. Maybe take this part out of Lektion 1, and move it here?
Lektion 5: Again very good. Gives a nice overview.
Lektion 6: Maybe cut down a bit on the banter at the start :wink: . I would mention that installing it in English is recommended . I have had cases where I installed stuff in German, and suddenly all the functions where in German. I do not know if this is the case with Linux.
Lektion 7: Maybe swap this one with Lektion 6? You are explaining how to get an iso after you explain how to install it.
Lektion 8: Is this a repeat of 6? I feel like I´m having flashbacks.

TBC as I go along. I will just edit this post.

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Man, I always fight with Debian (on Gnome only!) about the /etc/apt/trusted.gpg. Every time I run apt update it flags it. I just deleted it, I think it’s depreciated anyway. It stops flagging that in Synaptics and apt. Fun fact, if you go back to Debian :wink:

But that doesn’t show up on KDE or XFCE.

Just bought it because I want to support the community and the fine pedagogy Wendell is always doing, such a great, concise and highly synthesised course outline. Doing a formal education at college here in Australia, but this will be a great addition to fuse more of my interest and passion in a use case environment for the enterprise to come.

I may well have been caught out with this as well, I did use the link at the top of the page but I think I just bought it, cant remember.

I’ve got a spare Dell Inspiron laptop and an SSD lying around atm doing nothing so I’m going to swap out the existing HDD and put the SSD in and install Ubuntu, I’ve been using various distro’s as VM’s for a while but will use this laptop as a Linux based system.

Hopefully something will go back to @wendell for the course, I’ve watched the first 3 lectures and all is looking good :+1:.

@wendell It looks like your discount code has expired. Would it be possible to get a new one?