Little white box? top left of desktop

as the topic title says every now and again a little white box appears in the top left of my desktop. typically its after i visit youtub or twitch, i close the browser and there it is… at least thats when i notice it there.

now it could be the browser or it could be a component of windows just failed.
what ever it is, its not showing in task manager as far as i can tell and process explorer doesnt seem to show anything strange.

so im down to hoping theres a way of logging applications as they boot.
any suggestions?.
preferably a log output with success/fail.

or NOOB QUESTION! is there a way to get windows to log all files as they run on the system?. i dont mean boot loging i mean log all file access after boot is complete or from boot time to shut down.

Can you screenshot it?

in the very top left. :frowning:
its not the browser by the looks of it. its appeared now 3 times after 3 reboots. typically taking 10-15 mins.

i used secpol.msc and enabled logging of all apps.

you can mark this one solved…
turns out avira antivirus doesnt like you disabling the bloatware thats being pushed along with the antivirus.
it has a secondary service which rings home and because i disabled the vpn/speedboost services it was shitting the bed.

anyways as i said solved.

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