Little Upgrade suggestions?

hello everyone

I`m from Germany and like to upgrade my System within the next 2-3 month.

current system:

Intel i5 2500k

Corsair 8GB DDR3 1600

Gigabyte R9 280x

Gigabyte H77-D3H Mainboard

OS and programs:

ADATA Premier pro 256GB SSD

Steam+ other games:

Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD + 2TB Seagate Baracuda

bequiet straight power 600W


I´m currently playint some simulations (optimised for geforce so there won´t be any radeon in my next reg) and some FPS

I´m asking for a suggestion for:

Motherbord/chipset, case, cooling (needs to be a very silent system).

I´ll reuse the current HDD/SSDs (and the powersupply if possible) and like to invest not more than 600€ (my old things will be part of another PC)


Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


Get a CPU cooler and OC your 2500k to like 4.5ghz or something.  Then get like a GTX 970.  Unless you have a cpu bottleneck a new cpu and motherboard is not going to improve you performance any more then a nice overclock would.

any other suggestions?

I don´t like to overclock (have had bad experience with that)

doesn´t matter if its a bit more expensive


If you are not OC'ing you are probably bottlenecked at the CPU with the R9 280X.  The  H mobo you have isn't that good for OCs anyway.

If you can afford it  ... 

  1. A good Z97 mobo in the $150 to $200 range
  2. i7 4790k has a base clock of 4.0Mhz and turbos to 4.4Mhz

could easily handle dual R9 280Xs

Even an i5 4690k would handle it