Little help with upgrade

Hi. I'm planning to upgrade my PC. Current Spec:

CPU: Core 2 Duo [email protected] stock now @2.6-3Ghz

Cooling: Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme

MoBo: Asus P5K


Memory: Geil DDR2 4x1GB 800Mhz Ultra CL4

And ofc some hard drive, optical drive, good power supply, case etc.

I'm using my PC mostly to watch movies but i would be happy to play some of the newest games in sensible framerate on medium/high settings with occasionaly recording working alongside. Games that come into my mind is Skyrim, WoW, Minecraft, SimCity. In future maybe Watch Dogs, Saints Row IV, GTAV (if it will be released eventualy on PC)  My budget is 1600zł (Yes... Poland) which is about 500$ (1$ - 3.16zł) but in real world is more like 400$. 

I think I only need CPU/APU, Motherboard, Memory and maybe GPU. Rest of it i will salvage from my current PC. I checked my preffered shop and came with this:

AMD A10 6800K Black Edition

With motherboard i can't decide:

Asus F2A85-V Pro


Asrock FM2A85X Extreme6

Memory: Kingston DDR3 2x4GB 2400MHz CL11 HyperX Beast

My question is: Is it good? What video card I could throw into it to boost it in the future? (Crossfire?) And last one. If You dear people know any build in that range (max 500$) with normal CPU and GPU. Thanks and sorry for any possible grammar or spelling mistake (chrome autocheck is apparently not working).

P.S. I know that budget is low and expectations are high but I believe in the "Tek Syndicate" community :)

This would be better than a APU with a GPU. You could play newer games like GTA 5 on this maybe not on max. If you could sqeeze about $10-$20 more get the FX-6300 and it will be more "Future Proof".

In my opinion, his build is perfect.

I like it! It look awesome. I definitely will take this seriously. And probably I will try to squeeze FX-6300 into my budget. Maybe i'll need to wait one more month to expand budget but i think it's worth it. But i saw in my shop that 7870 is only few bucks more. Is it worth to try to get it or stick with 7850? And by the way thanks for this great advice. :)