Litecoin mining help

Hi there I was wondering if anyone could help me understand what is going on in reaper because at the moment it is reading
GPU 2.068GH/s, shares: 0|0, stale 0%, `0kH/s, 835s

and it is stuck with the one line.

I am solo mining and I'm only running a laptop with a 4570m in it so I doubt that 2GH/s is accurate.

So my question is can anyone help me fix my config 

screenshot your cmd prompt

hmmmHmmm... At the top when it first starts does it say "now mining litecoin" or "now mining litecoin"

now mining litecoin and I have removed both protocol bitcoin and protocol solidcoin from reaper.conf

Not really sure... post your reaper configs on pastebin or something

reaper config is here:

and litecoin config file from the reaper folder is here:

You need to change your host, port, username, password in litecoin conf

host <- change to server
port 9332 <- change to server port
user username <- change to worker name
pass password <- change to worker password
protocol litecoin
worksize 256
aggression 18
threads_per_gpu 2
sharethreads 18
lookup_gap 2
gpu_thread_concurrency 6144

I plan on solo mining so what do I change the username and password to ?
and do I need to setup an account with a pool even if I'm solo mining ? 

No you don't need an account on a pool. Look up a tutorial on solo mining

okay then thanks for your help