Lite Coin issues, Help please!

Hi, I'm using ScryptMiner GUI to mine for light coins, however, when I hit start mining, it eventually says "HTTP request failed: The requested URL returned error: 404", then after that i see, "json_rpc_call failed, retry after 30".

The settings are like this,

RPC Server:

Username: acidyragon

port: 9344

Additional parameters: <blank>

Threads: 4

Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

Your username is most likely incorrect. Go to and go to your account and then go to your workers, add a worker named "Acidyragon.1" and make it any password you want. Then for the username you use "Acidyragon.1" not your sign in. Hope this works!

it should look like this

Host :

Port: 9344 

User: *yourusername.1* 

Password: *x* 

and set your GPU profile to either the low or high version from the dropdown menu in the bottom right menu, unless your GPU isnt in the list, then google the Reaper or CG miner settings (depends on what you use) for that card.


I got it right, and running... But now it's running at 33 khash... Why so slow?