List of Retail Games with Steam Activation?

Steam USED to have such a list, and I either can't seem to find it, or they just canned the list.

Can I find out exactly which games (especially past games) have Steam activation? I'm really looking for all three FEAR games. I wanna play all 3 of them and have the physical copies, plus activate them on Steam.

Why not buy them on GOG instead?

Think you are kind of SOL, google got me a list of games that use Steam authentication here but no list is around that I can find of games like that anymore. Here is Steams official post on it.

This is due to the fact that all in store games are steam activated now a days.

If you really want to go with buying a inbox copy of FEAR and adding it to steam, go to ebay buy a copy of one of them and try it. FEAR 2 is 11 bucks.

But again, best way imo is go to GOG and get it DRM free.

That list is exactly what the OP wants, more or less. It's a list of all games that use Steam. Click on the "Retail Disc" column and you can filter it to show all games that activate on Steam via a retail cd-key. Per that list, only FEAR 3 will activate via retail key.

oh cool lol, I didn't really look that hard at them. I thought it was just talking about new games.

Well @Prenihility there ya go. btw if you buy on GOG you can add it to your steam games (really think GOG is a better place to spend money)

Yeah, seen that list before. Believe it or not, Steam actually had their own list. And it was extremely useful. Now, you can't find any trace of it. I ran into a Steam forum thread of a guy having saying he activated his FEAR 2 on Steam. So , I'm assuming it does have Steam activation. Also, never heard of this GOG. CD Projekt Red are to be trusted, though. But it's still ridiculous, though. Why so many Digital Distribution places? Why not just instill Steam as the Go-to service? Shit is annoying... And I still want retail, anyway, so whatever.


Speaking of FEAR. Which one, when it comes to the first, should I look at buying? The Platinum Collection? Or should I just get the Standard game? If it does activate on Steam, it looks like i'll be getting all the DLC for free. There seems to be NO prices for the DLC. Odd.

Oh yeah. I ALMOST FORGOT. I'm looking for original, black-label versions of all retail games. So, Crysis Maximum Edition, for example, has this EA Value Games bullshit all over it in orange. Gross. A lot of the games I'm finding on Ebay (AND AMAZON, WTF?) are from the the UK/EU. But are Black-Label. No obnoxious way of saying "LOWERED PRICE!".

So, with that in mind, can they activate on Steam for me just fine? Or will I have regional issues. I know that in Germany and Italy, the Italian/German versions of The Orange Box will not work in NA, apparently. Because of Digital Distribution laws over there. The games are altered.

I did get an EU copy of BF3. Worked just fine on Origin. But, that's Origin.

Also, guys, please contribute to my Marathon/Throwback thread. The greater the list of games, the more you'll be helping me!

I think most of us would rather there not be a monopoly. That's like saying why does android exist just use apple.

Anyway. Are you looking for games that have a steam key and are drm free? If so why not just buy on gog instead? Ive never heard of a list that specifically had games that had steam activation as an option. I've only ever seen a list of all box games with steam activation, that could include games that require steam to work period.

If not.. why not just buy anywhere? Unless your collecting but it doesn't sound like it.

If you are collecting.. does it matter if it's steam only? Or, just use whatever and make your own big box edition.


Need to start getting games there instead.

Buying on another digial distribution service is ridiculous. Which is part of the reason why I say Steam should be seen (and it really is, regardless) as the go-to service. It's more or less the PC gamer's official network. I've already signed up for a million accounts for a million different services, it's tiring. If there's no need to, I avoid it. And besides, Steam is great.

And as I've said before, I want the retail box. Having Steam activation with it is a huge bonus, and it gives me the best of both worlds. I get something tangible, and a convenient install/usage.

Also, I just bought FEAR 3 for... um... $0.55 I really couldn't believe it, I think I had to do a triple take.

Because there is competition. No one is saying don't use steam. Steam is great. But so is competition, and without it steam has a monopoly, and they never go well.

To suggest that there only be one place to get games is like suggesting you only have once choice of mobile provider, one choice of ISP, one choice of super market. If that was how things were you'd have no money because they could dictate price without competition.