List of Open Sauce Mac tools

I know theres like 3 mac users here and I don't even count as an actual mac user (hackintosh laptop and an 06 imac + an ibook). However tools are nice. I didn't have a native screenshot function (which is annoying) so I grabbed gyazo. Then I thought "I really have no clue what I can even use... I'll ask!" so, here it be.

For other users in the future, and users now, if you have any OS tools or free tools you use daily on your mac please share! :D

Macports, kinda like BSD ports but with a bad search.

There is not much free stuff I am using on the mac. Actually I am using my MacBook Pro mostly for Internet and image editing. It comes down to the multi platform stuff like Gimp, Handbrake, VLC, Transmission, f.lux and so on. A few tools:

Smoothmouse - gets rid of that stupid mouse acceleration (free)
Spectacle - helps managing screen space, side by side windows... (open source)
Caffeine - coffee for macs so it won't go to sleep or switch to screensaver (free)
Pocket - aka Read It Later, save a link to pocket and read it in the client offline as an article (free)

I am sure I'm missing a lot but those are nice little helpers.


Oh fuck that is like the most useful thing I have ever heard of

If you don't want to use what ever shitty thing macs have for video editing, or you want to do some 3D modelling, Blender is available on Mac.

lol I use kdenlive, even on mac. But when the windows port comes out I still won't use windows :P

Never seen kdenlive before, but Video editing in Blender is really good, so I'll stick with that :D Anyway, slightly off topic.

Nah its on topic enough. I just can't use blender on any of my hardware effectively.

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Clients for that also exist for iOS and android. So you can just save it to pocket and read it on the go without having to load giant websites over LTE.

Another one

XLD - CD ripper and general audio converter with various formats supported

Perian- MPEG2 and other unsupported Video codec plug in for mac

MPEG StreamClip- when you want multi core video transcoding but don't want to be stuck with M4v

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As far as I know perian only works with the old quicktime so you won't see any effect in somewhat current macOS versions.

Perian will not work with QuickTime X but it will work with VLC, quicktime 7 or MPEG StreamClip. I am using it on 10.11 at the moment.

You sure about VLC? I think VLC does it's own thing.

I am pretty sure that VLC will use whatever codecs you have running on your computer even mac's it may default to its preferred codec first but i have definitely only been able to run MPEG2 files because of Perian in VLC.

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Perian was a tool originally cooked up for the powerpc macs. It is at it's cret and the devs realised that if they added anything more it would make it slower. They released a final version and the source code for anyone to adapt it to anything. I works with ANY video player you install, you just have to set that in the pref pane.

The point of perian is to download a video ani play it locally. This works well with Livestreamer, YouView, and MacTubes (when it works). It's specifically aimed at powerpc macs though. Its kinda pointless to have it on anything newer. PPC macs cannot do flash very well. Flash in a big endian mode is VERY broken, so they tried to use the little endian "Emulator" built into PPC and it was even worse. But it worked (sorta) and the pushed it out and never touched it again.

I knew I should of brought my MBP with me today. I have a ton of software on that thing.

From what I can remember (All free unless stated otherwise):

WinAMP (Music)
Virtual Box
This gardening planning tool (I can't remember the name :/)
Open Office
Python (mostly to screw around with)

annd that's all I can remember. I think I might have a network emulator installed as well, I want to say GNS3?

Pretty much everything that is on Linux has a Mac port if it doesn't, compile the source and it will most likely run.