Liquid Cooling Pros/Cons

  Benchmarks show that liquid cooling helps to reduce the operating temperatures in almost every case. My concern is the old adage that you never mix liquids with electricity.  Has anyone encountered the problem with a failure in their system where the liquid has leaked and did it do any damage to you other components? All things man made can and do fail and although the production line failure rate in computer components is fairly low, it does exist.

You can get non conductive fluid if that's your only concern. The pros are lower temp, quiet. Cons are harder maintenance and upgrade ability. Can't just swap parts at will


If you properly assemble the whole thing it wont ever leak, unless after like 40 years, when it starts rusting. And yes indeed, non conductive fluid.

well it is better for temps, but it can cost a lot. Especially if ur on a budget. If u need a video on it click here

I used non-conductive fluid, and yes it's fiddly to add/remove parts but its not that time consuming if you have a decent sized turkey baster and a friend.

Excellent! Thank you all very much for your input. I have been a die hard fan of, well, fan cooling. I did not know the fluid was non-conductive. I have seen where fluids have leaked and fans have sprayed the mess everywhere. Not in computers mind you.