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Liquid Cooling or Air cooling for Threadripper 2990wx


Hi everyone!
I have fears that water cooling, even if it is not custom, for example enermax tr4 2, can leak and destroy an expensive system. In the worst case, the power supply to light up and the house will burn. I build a computer for rendering on a threadripper 2990wx, and I need it to live long and work as it should work. I think there is no need to overclock for rendering.
I think about the purchase of air cooling, does it have any disadvantages? I saw that they are not cool enough, what do you think about this?
The second question about RAM, for 3D rendering and video editing, which one to take? I’m going to immediately put 128.
Thanks for answers.


What case?

TLD Air is fine

Enermax LiqTech TR4 II

If you want to go AIO this is the only option I would recommend (unless new products are out dont follow AIO at all as I go custom or air)


Hi, experienced system integrator here. I’ve worked at AVA for 2.5 years now and in the entirety of working here we’ve had 3 systems come back for RMA due to leaking and 1 happened during internal testing… this is out of roughly 10 systems built a day that have an AIO of some sort so i think it’s safe to say an AIO is the way to go for performance.

gets my vote.


what about all the bad reviews the Enermax LiqTech TR4 II receive at amazon and newegg? i have 2 corsair water cooled pc for a long time with no problem but but a lot of people says that enermax LiqTech has alot of quality problems and it leaks or degrade after a couple of Months.
i also planing getting a 2990 soon and afraid geting the enermax
but dont want a big air cooler that blocks the first pcie slot cause i want to add 3 GTX card for GPU rendering.


Had a couple that came destroyed in shipping before but that hardly counts. Haven’t seen any fail after installation. Gotta bear in mind most people who come back to leave reviews are pissed off.


I love 0/5 stars came in broke its like that shit happens why rate it 0/5 if you dont have a working product i could see givinv 4/5 first product was bad but it is solid blah blah blah

I would not worry about the low reviews, @soulfallen prob has the best knowledge of anyone on the forum for failure rates etc.