Liquid Cooling Issue

i am thinking of getting the corsair h60 liquid cpu cooler, when i am plugging in the pump to the cpu fan header do i have to turn my motherboards (asus p8z77-v) built in fan control software off?

No, you don't. But, don't get the H60. It is a terrible CLC. All of the low-end units are. Go for a nicer air cooler at that price, like a Phanteks PH-TC12DX or Dark Knight II.


I doubt you would, works on the exact same principle

The bigger question i have is, why are you getting an H60 ?

i am on a budget and i would like to go for liquid cooling(anything that you would like to recommend?) and also i am asking becasue i want the pump running at full speed all the time, so couldnt the software automatically turn the pump down?

Don't go for that low-end watercooling unit. Invest in an equally priced, butfar superior air cooling unit for the price.

I think i am going with the dark night, thanks for the help!