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Hi all,

Am 24-48hrs away from pulling trigger on following…

Basically, I am hoping to run Debian XFCE, and passthrough the AMD GPU to a Win 10 installation (which will live on a separate SSD (or NVMe). I have an old nVIDIA GPU laying around which should be more than adequate to run the Debian stuff. The host will be used to day to day work (productivity/browsing/emails etc), and the VM will be used for the stuff that cannot run on linux seamlessly.

I also have an old Cooler Master Real Power 850W PSU which should hopefully suffice.

I was hoping to pick the hive mind/collective wisdom to see if there are any gotchas with current setup. Any advice will be much appreciated.

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Looks good to me but I’m not sure about iommu groupings on the latest bios for that board. I know some boards suffered on groupings with all the bios updates and it’s hard to keep track.

Thanks. Appreciate the input.

Am looking forward to this new build - and spending more time in linux than windows.

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Seems to me like a overkill. Unless your GPU is 1080TI or 2070 Super or higher - you do not need that much CPU and storage.

Also you are buying 5700XT for Windows, while passing something old to Debian. Maybe a better choice for win10? Depends I guess what you are planning to run there.

Seems out of balance for me - but nothing really wrong.

I agree it is total overkill - but I am also trying future proof it a little bit. I would like to be able to dedicate 4-6 cores to Windows 10, and still not ‘feel’ it on the host.

With regards to the GPU - linux wouldn’t need much for what I would be asking of it. The 5700XT for windows is for a bit of light gaming, maybe some photoshop stuff, and ultimately ‘just cos I want to’.

I take your point though :smiley:

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