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Hello there, I intend to build a Ryzen 1700 with a taichi Asrock 32Gb Memory for a host Linux with win10 virtualized Machine with PCI passthrough for Win10 3d performance. This is a project for July, meaning that I intend for Vega with 27 freesync monitor. The problem here is IOMMU PCI in Zen platform and the GPU requirements for the Win10 virtual machine. Is it doable or there's still problems in doing it?

pass-through is apparently broken right now on Ryzen. IOMMU groups don't isolate PCIE slots properly, even with the ACS patch. This may be fixed down the road, but I'd wait and see if passthrough VMs are one of your main use cases.

There's a chance that the coming SRIOV GPU sharing in vega may help things, but we have no way of knowing until launch.

tl;dr, wait for the platform to mature if you want it for hardware accelerated virtualizaiton

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Thank you for the answer. Greatly appreciated.

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Any time.

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progress on the ACS patch: