Linux, WINE, x64 and DX11

I am down to two games that I cant play on Linux and after searching around a few forums for info, found this.
With reference to Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, one of the users on the WINE forums said that it cant be made to work because WINE cant use x64 executable.

Firstly - is this right?
Secondly - can someone explain what is actually going on in terms of WINE running non Linux programs/games - is it simply fooling the program into thinking its running under windows?

and finally is there much of a difference between WINE and Codeweavers?

Um, first.
WINE can handle 64-bit executables, at least, I've never had any trouble.

Second is maybe kinda complicated. WINE acts as a sort of translator between Windows applications, and Linux operating systems. The application will try to do something that Linux doesn't understand, so WINE will convert the instruction on the fly into something Linux can do. Learn more here

I don't have any experience with Codeweavers' CrossOver program, but I understand it's a similar idea, just proprietary/non-free.

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What wine does is reference packages in your system and relays signals between them and similar windows packages through what is called a wrapper. The wrapper is basically an emulation layer, much like an SNES emulator but windows apps instead.

Secondly you can check the appDB for how to get games working or what the status over all of a game working or where wine is via development. AFAIK when 2.0.0 is released DX11 support will be available (about fucking time).

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