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Linux w/ Windows VM(iommu)


Hello, this is both hardware and software related.

I wanted to ask if anyone would have experience on the performance to expect from Linux running on just a single core(without HT) and possible on one core(with HT).

My windows install is starting to act up so I was thinking about making the switch to Linux ahead of schedule since I was still saving for a Ryzen 7 or Threadripper build depending on how much functionality I want to have in a single box.

My current specs are on my profile and I was wondering if I could drive both linux(IGP) and a windows VM (iommu) with Linux only having a single core to work with to give Windows the other 3 for gaming. I was considering spending ~$80-100 on a 2600k or 2700k so I could have a bit more breathing room with hyperthreading but I though I would seek advice before spending on older hardware(though I would still have use for it later on as an HTPC build at worst)

I have been reading as I may be out of luck since the 2500k may not have VT-d. This would be yet another reason why I want to ditch windows and intel. If this is true and VT-x wouldnt work then I may be stuck dual booting, which is far from ideal.

Thanks in advance.


Your CPU does not support vt-d.


So there would be no workarounds available involving utilizing vt-x? I would still be able to acquire a relatively cheap non K 2500 or 2600 variant and apply this setup as those have vt-d enabled(shady business reasons?).

There is also still the question of how Linux fairs with running on only a single core with and without hyperthreading while virtualizing. Will it be stable enough to virtualize a gaming session of windows?



Staying on one core for linux is not a problem, be careful with the RAM you will need RAM more than a CPU. Check the guide from here.

If I am not mistaken he was using core i7 something and did 1 core and 1 thread for linux and the rest for windows VM


If linux will smoothly(albeit probably slowly) run on a single core then I shouldn’t have a problem while im gaming if I get a cheap 2500 at least. I have a 2x8GB 1600 ram kit running in dual channel and another 2x4GB kit I can put in my rig just in case more is needed so ram shouldnt be a limiting factor.

I was hoping there was a workaround using vt-x because the loss of overclock performance wont be fun and it will still be a short while before I have enough for the new build.



I give all 4 cores of my 6700k to my Windows VM for gaming. And my Linux host runs fine. Obviously I don’t do anything intensive on the host while the VM is running. But for “everyday stuff” it’s no problem at all.